Numbers in Everyday Life! Fostering children’s curiosity about Numbers in the world around them (NiEL)

January 2023 – Present


Phase 1 of the Numbers in Everyday Life (NiEL) project involved a research collaboration between the University Research Team, Early Years practitioners and Reception class teachers and families from 6 local educational settings.


Funded by UKRI Research England, Participatory Research Fund.


Phase 1 focused on the co-design, trial, and co-evaluation of a focused programme of evidence-based pedagogical activities. These activities aim to:


a) Develop young children’s understanding of the multiple meanings and social uses of written numbers in everyday life


b) Foster their curiosity and knowledge about numbers outside the classroom


c) Enable educators and families to make meaningful connections between children’s experiences with numbers in everyday contexts, and their learning about numbers at preschool or school

More than 400 Home Learning Booklets were produced and distributed to families of 3-5-year-old children. The pedagogical design of activities is theory-driven and based on research evidence from our previous, longitudinal research project funded by The Leverhulme Trust (RPG-2019–330) .

Phase 2 of the Numbers in Everyday Life project (September 2023- Present), involves a wider local and national roll out of the programme of family activities.

School Partners (Phase 1)
Current Partners

• Bitterne Park Primary School, Southampton

• Early Years Centre, University of Southampton

• Hardmoor Early Years Centre, Southampton

• Mansbridge Primary School, Southampton

• Mansel Park Primary and Nursery School, Southampton

• Sinclair Primary and Nursery School, Southampton

• Balham Nursery School & Children’s Centre, Wandsworth

• Corrie Primary & Nursery School, Denton, Tameside

• Houghton Community Nursery School, Sunderland, UK

• Mansbridge Primary School, Southampton, UK.

• Seedlings Preschool Woking Ltd, UK

• St John’s Primary School, Southampton, UK

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Research Team

Dr Charis Voutsina

Principal Investigator

Dr Debbie Stott